Saturday, November 8, 2008

Diwali- The meaning is dying out

I know its a bit late, but i had to show this.... the true meaning of " DIWALI" or "DEEPAVALI" is dying out. Ask any of the grandparent generation the meaning of diwali and they will tell you [ with a great sense of pride] that it is to celebrate the win of good over evil. They will also take great efforts to tell you the story behind it too [ great effort because they have to make you sit in front of them for that long !!! ] But the later generations seem to have lost the whole concept of celebrating diwali. All they can think of is how many crackers to buy and to burst and enjoy the evening at someone elses agony. No one ever thinks of the pain and effort taken to make those crackers or how much damaging it will to one's health even, and of course to the environment too.
This photo of the candle taken on the night of diwali depicts its dying meaning.