Friday, November 14, 2008

Early Morning Jackpot !!!

This morning on the jeep safari @ kabini we happened to see 2 peacocks. One of the guests began to jump about saying that seeing 2 peacocks early in the morning is a sign of good luck and that we will see a tiger today... I of course just smiled and nodded. We were on our way into the forest from the main road when a jeep came zipping past from the opposite direction. He told us that there was a leopard on the road opposite to the one we had taken. So, we back about 10 kms and lo!!! found not 1 but 2 leopards !!! It was a mating pair and we had seen this pair a couple of times earlier this month too.
It was good to see the "Honeymoon Couple" once again. But when it came to photographing them the female was very shy. It just zipped past like a rocket, as shy as a newly wed gal !!!