Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things are not what they seem to be !

Now, one cant help wondering why anyone would put up a photo of few crows flying.... but these crows are not what they look like. The crows @ Orange County, Kabini are just a little more than crows. These crows take to the air in Bramhiny kite fashion and use the thermals and the strong winds to move about. They hardly flap their wings !!! They soar from one rooftop to another and back again... and the best part is that the youngsters have been learning this art from their parents throughout. Some bold adults even fly over the water surface and swoop down like a Bramhiny Kite and catch fish [ though many of the times they are clumsy and the fish gives their "talons" a slip].
Sometimes it makes me wonder whether these birds are brought up by crows or by the Bramhiny Kite