Saturday, December 6, 2008

Little Guy - Big Leaps !!!

I was walking down the path to the boat jetty when something moved in the grass... thinking that it was another grasshopper i did not pay much attention. Then there was that movement again and this frog came right out form under the bush onto the walking path... this was the SMALLEST ITSY BITSY frog that i had ever seen... it was the size of my THUMB NAIL !!!! for a moment i was hesitant to pick up the little fellow [ i have real big fingers you know ! ] But then i eventually picked it up and then.... the BEST PART - the frog was too TINY for my camera to FOCUS !!! it took me an awful lot of time to coax my camera into focusing the tiny fellow... and this is the best [ the ONLY] photo i got...
After that, i had to let the poor fellow go. and he did GO AND HOW !!! one big leap.... gone !!! nowhere to be found !!! such a little frog ... jumping to the height upto one grown human's thigh upto a foot !!! these creatures are AMAZING!!!