Friday, December 19, 2008

Jungle Gossips

These elephants were probably discussing the migrating paths, where the good grazing grounds and water holes are to be found. Hope the young one in-between is listening carefully !!! its going to be REALLY useful especially if you are an elephant you know!!! Hope they were not talking about us... :-) Photo courtesy Mr. Vikram Nanjappa

Our Little Boy !!!

Found this young fellow sitting on a bare tree, screaming ... and for a long time, almost a month I found him sitting on the same branch screaming his throat out. This is a juvenile Changeable Hawk-Eagle . A very pretty sight you know, seeing him sitting atop his branch and screaming away, not bothered about the dozen eyes which are looking at him from inside the noisy mechanical beast known as the jeep. After a month, found him one day... on the ground, resting a foot on the head of a small careless snake... and within a week of this incident he flew away.... to a different location, probably exploring his parents territory or probably in search of his own.
I call him our little boy because he was always there, a guaranteed sight during the safaris, so much so that all of us associated him with as a part of our team... but, just like kids,one day they leave home and establish their own. Though little boy had shifted base from the tree, we did see him close by and after some time we could only hear him... at a distance... screaming his throat out... and our team was very happy to know that our little boy was still around.. somewhere.......

A day's end in Paradise

One of those days which ends in the "Perfect & Happy" style... even as i took this photo, I stood with my mouth open and my jaw dropping like a whale feeding on krill in the ocean !

The Divine Intervention

'Tis was one of those days when the weather became a little cranky.... and the clouds covered the sun and the skies like a little child showing its disappointment by throwing things around.This cloud cover reminded me of the myths and legends created by the ancient people, saying that some sort of trouble or " bad time" is close at hand... and then suddenly.... there was this little gap in the clouds from within which the sun-rays hit the earth... aah !!! The gods have shown the light from the heavens!!! That means the bad times will not prevail any longer....
and just as suddenly as the weather got cranky, the clouds disappeared after the short spell, the sky cleared and the sun shone as bright as ever... needless to say that evening on the boat safari everyone present just happened to spot a tiger by the river side!! really, divine intervention indeed...