Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A few of my friends and I were sitting in one of the friend's room and chatting away to glory. Suddenly out of nowhere this little fellow [ for he was a very young tarantula] appears on the window sill and sits still... watching and waiting[ for its in their blood to do that]. I can still remember the looks on the many faces... some with their mouths open[ not in awe and admiration but to scream, which failed to come out]. Frantically pointing their fingers at the " Big Hairy Thing", they beat a hasty retreat from the room into the safety of their own... one even reasoning that the same might enter his room sometime and that his room windows were open !!
As for me, I quickly sped to pick up my camera and was back to take a close up of the tarantula. while I was doing so, one weak voice came from behind the door " Since you are not afraid, why dont YOU show the "BIG HAIRY THING" the other side of the window and make sure that he stays there? " One glare and that was the end of the advice session [thankfully from all who were present]. But anyways, I was able to get a good photo of the spider, and for me that is all that mattered. After the photo session I kindly showed the spider the other side of the window...... and made sure that the people who stayed in that very room keep the windows closed during the nights !!! till date, if they ever open the window in the night.... they remember the glare on my face !!! he he he !!!