Thursday, February 12, 2009

Checkered Keelback - up close

This keelback was under the fuel barrels trying to get away from a really hot mid-day sun. We got a call from the maintenance department and the voice at the other end said that they would kill it if we did not arrive in 5 mins. The same "flight pattern" followed as usual.... in 2 mins people saw Vikram sir, Deena and myself and 2 cameras flying towards the maintenance department. Well, Vikram sir got some photos from a distance, but knowing Deena.... she got this close up, and clicked just as the snake was pulling its tongue into the mouth. Look carefully, and you can see 2 small extentions in front of the mouth..... the tip of the tongue!!! After the photo shoot, I helped the keelback into a clump of bamboo where it would be safe [till the night atleast]. Deena, you are great !!!