Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leap of Fear and Faith

During one of the evening jeep safaris at Nagarhole National Park, Kabini, I decided that we take the riverside route. The driver, looked up at the sky, nodded and turned into the route that led to the riverside. The road was a little moist and slippery. But we had a big vehicle with big tyres [ which means that the vehicle would take the whole road space and we would not fall OFF it !!]. Anyways, we went up the road hoping to find some pachyderms or atleast some jungle fowls... but to our luck all we could spot for an hour were a huge group of Hanuman Langurs. We stopped to take a look at one particular little baby, who at that moment was sitting all alone on a branch quite close to the jeep.Just as the vehicle came to a halt, the kid gave a screeching call, and in a flash the mother[ we had not noticed her till now] came down from another branch grabbed the lil' fella zoomed up the tree with amazing speed and agility and while all of us looked up with open mouths and the obvious mixed expression of surprise and disbelief. One of us managed to time himself right and got this awesome photo just as she jumped from one tree to another. Well, after this little incident we actually concluded the safari by bumping into a large herd of pachyderms !!