Saturday, March 14, 2009

Together we live - Divided we freeze!!!

It was around 7 that misty morning...and there was a boat safari scheduled for only 2 guests. We got moving thinking that the fog will part [ great expectation, we came to realize later]. We made through the fog like a couple of blind people[ for we were not even able to see the water]. After about 15 mins of what i would call " assumption driving" we came to the conclusion that we would have reached a particular resort further upstream to us. Well, luckily for us, we WERE ACTUALLY there !
After finding the river bank, we slowly and surely followed it upstream. at a particular point the river curves. There was a large clump of bamboo at the curve. This is the favorite spot for Bonnet Macaques. Since it was misty and we had no hope of finding anything else,we were wishing to see these monkeys atleast. To our luck, the whole troop was there... huddling at the bamboos edge, the younger ones a little inside the clump too... they were hugging each other for warmth and the elders who were awake by then were actually seen licking the moisture off each others fur. In that cold and misty morning, this was the best photo some of us could get.