Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ancient Architects - Changing Rocks to Soil

During one of the outings, I happened to notice something quite like never before. I was on the lookout for butterflies, specially the smaller ones, so I was lying on the ground to get a better view. Crawling ahead in the same position I happened to come close to a small rock. This rock had 2 small holes in them. At first glance it looked like someone had driven a couple of nails into the rock. But, on looking closer I saw a lot of ANTS walking all over the rock, inside the hole and outside, carrying bit sized rock pieces and throwing them in the most orderly fashion ! After making sure that it was a rock that the ants were digging into, I took a break from butterflies to observe the ants. These creatures, I must admit, are the greatest architects !! They were using their sheer numbers and their tiny brains in building themselves a new home THROUGH a ROCK !! now what better protection do they need?? Home is a STONE fortress, and the army is about a MILLION strong !
Coming to think of it.... why did we humans think of something like this before?? we got bigger brains and the same number of individuals !!