Friday, May 22, 2009

Handicaps within the Invertebrates

I was looking for insects in my garden one evening and found this jumping spider sitting on a banana leaf. I was quite surprised to find out that this spider had all his 4 legs on one side of his body missing !! This was the first time that I had seen a handicapped individual in the invertebrate kingdom [especially jumping spiders] who have survived !! But this spider was full of life... even with 4 legs [ all on the same side of the body] it was able to move [ little slowly, but surely] and to an extent JUMP !!! but with his other legs missing, I am sure that it would have posed a problem while hunting. I saw the spider only for a day. I dont know how it had lost its limbs, or how it had survived till then... but it sure showed that humans are not the only ones undergoing pain, trauma, and the like... for we are taken care of others around us, who will help us to survive. In the spider's world, others are waiting to eat you !!