Friday, February 6, 2009

Dog gone Dolly !!!

It has been about 6 months that I have been in kabini. Its almost everyday that I have to go to Jungle Resorts before a safari. The whole setup and construction of this place is really good and I always love going there... one of the reasons is to meet a nice little dog named Dolly. Not many people know that the dog is there... so she is not used to seeing many new faces. the first time I went with the boat driver to collect the permit for the safari, I was told by him that "this dog may not allow you to stand there and will bark at you" please bear with it till im done taking the permit". Me, having both good as well as bad experiences with dogs walked on skeptical of what might be around the corner. but when we got there, to the drivers surprise as well as my own the dog did not bark at all... infact she came towards me with her tail wagging and wanted me to pet her. In awe, the driver said, " will you fancy that? she did not bark at you!!! you sure have a way with animals sir !!! she has never.... in my 10 years of coming here... made friends with ANYBODY so QUICKLY!!! you are made for the job sir.... to be with animals... and the like".

Well, that was the day where I made friends with a dog within 5 mins. But unfortuantely, I was not able to visit her for 3 months after that. The second time I went to Jungle Lodges, early in the morning... I saw her out on a walk... and the moment I shouted " dolly" she came running like a furious current of wind and jumped right onto my lap, so much so that I almost fell backwards. From that day on, she did the same thing whenever she knew I was coming.

Before leaving my job at kabini, I visited her for the last time... this time too she frantically jumped up and down waiting for me to play with her and pet her. The photo says it all.... after that, i kept her name as " dog gone dolly" for all the jumping and frolicing that she did, bid her farewell, trying hard not to get tears in my eyes in front of the driver and came away... HMMM.... i really miss that ol' gal.

She has no name and she does not exist - Mayaanamika

As I entered the gate, there she was... standing and smiling,waiting for me to approach the main door. I have been with her for quite some time now and have seen her almost everyday, but today, today she was looking different. There was a shine in her long silky hair and a glint in her eye. Her smile conveyed the message of warmth and care,beckoning me to go ahead and step through the door. I was mesmerized... I had never seen her like this before ! For a moment it looked as if she was waiting to give me a big hug. With a look of doubt [ and frankly a little expectation], i walked through the door and into the house and ..... Nothing happened !!!!
In a way, thanking my stars that i did not get a hug from her at the place we were standing [ though deep down I was wishing i should have got one] I went in and met everyone sitting at the dining table, wondering what they had to say if I had been given that hug.... but the rest of the day went as "normal" as possible. When it was time to leave, i bid farewell to all and got out of the door. Before i got onto my bike, I turned around for the last time to say bye. Just as i turned, i felt a sudden tug on my shoulders and the warmth of another body close to mine. Just one sentence fulfilled my expectation.... "Thank you for being around".
As for me... only closed eyes and a big smile was seen on my face as i embraced her. The feeling was TOO great for words....