Thursday, February 12, 2009

Checkered Keelback - up close

This keelback was under the fuel barrels trying to get away from a really hot mid-day sun. We got a call from the maintenance department and the voice at the other end said that they would kill it if we did not arrive in 5 mins. The same "flight pattern" followed as usual.... in 2 mins people saw Vikram sir, Deena and myself and 2 cameras flying towards the maintenance department. Well, Vikram sir got some photos from a distance, but knowing Deena.... she got this close up, and clicked just as the snake was pulling its tongue into the mouth. Look carefully, and you can see 2 small extentions in front of the mouth..... the tip of the tongue!!! After the photo shoot, I helped the keelback into a clump of bamboo where it would be safe [till the night atleast]. Deena, you are great !!!

Egret - Reflecting shaky thoughts of a shaky future

Thinking about the future.... brrr... egret reflecting shaky thoughts.... nothing is sure !!!

Small Blue Kingfisher !!!

This little fellow was found sitting on a bamboo branch in a small part of the backwater of the Kabini river called President's Road. Deena seems to have caught this little fellow at last, after trying for almost the whole time she was there [i guess]. Beautiful !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Full Moon at Kabini- through the telescopic lens

Full moon overhead, and cool breeze in the hair. Overall, a b-e-e-a-utiful night. The land was absolutely illuminated, so much so that if one stood at the water's edge, we could see right across the river to the Nagarhole National park. This was the perfect night in the month of December, on the banks of the Kabini, at Orange County Resorts and it was time to set up the telescope and show the guests the moon. As I was painstakingly setting up the telescope, and talking about star gazing to the guests, Dina brought out her tipod and camera and tried her luck at taking a nice photo of the full moon. Well, I should say she did get a good photo....

Nest of the Red Rumped Swallow

The best part about being in Kabini, is the amount of biodiversity you can find if you step out of your room.While walking around, one can see many birds, insects and other type of " creatures" too... but if you are really the interested type and would like to explore, you are likely to find such nests and if lucky, you might find nestlings in it too... photo of the red rumped swallow nest courtesy my dear friend Dina.

The Red Eye !!!

Why it is called the "Red Eye" is pretty obvious from this photo... found this fellow sitting in the middle of the pathway going towards the restaurant at Orange County, Kabini. Hmmm... wonder whether it was hungry???

Classy Lacy Moth !!

During one of the early morning bird walks, Dina and myself happened to get a glimpse of this lacy moth that looked like a piece of torn frilly frock that small girls' wear....very pretty indeed !!!

Game of Life??

This is the simplest example I could give of man trying to win the " Game of Life" playing against all other living beings on this earth. We are trying to win at all costs, without realizing the consequences, trying to "strike out " everything in our path. We are so narrow minded in our thinking that, all we see is ourselves in the place of " kings" and " rulers" of the earth... little noticing that we are merely one strand of the many in this web of life.

Baby Rat Snake - Upclose and Personal !

One fine morning, I was on a walk towards the coffee lounge at Orange County, Kabini. Just as I was leaving the cabin, the intercom rang like hell. It was from one of the restaurant service boys. In a much hurried voice and in his uncanny mallu accent, he said " Sir, come fast, there is a snake in the coffee lounge"[ to be read in a mallu accent too, mind you]. The next few mins, people saw my friend Dina and me flying out of one door into the garden, over the grass, and into the coffee lounge.[ which literally took us about 3 mins flat]. Upon seeing the little snake, we slowly made our way towards it [ still huffing and panting]. The snake turned out to be a baby rat snake [ and a very cute one at that] and it was hiding in a small hole between the wooden flooring. The only thing separating us from the snake was a pane of glass, kept clean by the service boy. Dina tried hard [ and in different angles too] to get a couple of good photos of the snake.... and after 15 mins of clicking away, she gave up. taking the camera from her, I tried the same stunts[ not in the angles that she tried]. Lying on the ground, i was so close to the snake's face, that i could have kissed it good morning !!! [ it could have done the same too]. But there was this pane of glass to avoid the " close encounter" from happening. Well, that did not stop me from going close enough to get " Saint Gobain-ed"[ a must see ad, hilarious !!] and this is what i could get.... first time i'm seeing a rat snake, and my first photo of that !!! And all thanks to Dina for this opportunity...