Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dancing dolls - An apt name for this flower

Saw these flowers growing in one of the coffee planters house. The lady who planted this plant told me that it was known as "Dancing dolls". A very apt name,for these flowers look like small dancing toy dolls [ the type you would find in local shops in villages]. They grow in bunches and hang down from the tip of the plants. They resemble small bells to me, and they actually dance in the wind!

An Ancient Predator - philia for some and Phobia for others

Well, you usually do not get this predator sitting out like this and posing for the camera... im one of the lucky ones who got this ancient and magnificent creature sitting outside its tunnel like webbed den. It thus gets its name - tunnel web spider. It belongs to the oldest species of spiders in the world. a very beautiful creature indeed !

Morning Dew on a Jasmine flower

The morning dew was sitting like pearls woven into the flower petals. It was truly a beautiful morning!