Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grasshopper Nymph

Baby's Signature - Mother's Pride - In the end, Everyone Died !

One morning I happened to take notice of a newcomer to my garden. She was beautiful, especially in the early morning sun coming from right behind her. Within an hour she had settled down in a nice corner of the garden. She had strategically spread her belongings all over the corner, signing all over it,and sat inbetween... she was not going to move out anytime soon, nor was anyone going to make her do so. Within a day or two she had a big bag with her, which she guarded like a lion guarding his kill. A week later, the bag was oozing with a large grey blob. On looking closer, I found that the grey mass was actually was a mass of tiny bodies, hugging each other. They were less than a millimeter in size and as soon as they felt my presence thy began to move around and some of them even dispersed to the nearby plant...I felt really happy to be a witness to all that had happened. I took a photo of the proud mother and her little ones in the nick of time, for the next day the place was clean. No mother, no kids, nothing !! Someone had cleaned the place with a broom !! Now, who would be dumb, and so insensitive, as to clean the garden, and rid the place of a new and proud mother and her newly emerged babies??
A couple of days later, I did find some of her kids... wandering here and there, and to my happiness, 2 survived, had their own corners in the garden and had their own belongings spread around, duly signing all over, just like their mother before them... though sadly they too did not survive beyond a week or two. They too went missing after that, their belongings bearing fact that there had been a battle...