Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another year added - remembering the first days

Well, another year added to my life just a day back. While my phone went berserk with everyone's frantic messages and calls wishing me, I went back in time to my school days, sometime during the beginning of my 8th grade. I went back through the first science practicals of the 8th grade, where my science teacher went about teaching my class about insects and my friends [especially the gals] made faces and stuck out their tongues at the specimen collections,and the satisfied look on my teacher's face when she noticed that AT-LEAST ONE fellow took interest in the class.Well, that was the day started "experimenting". I had, at that point of time 4 pens. Each pen had a transparent body and cap. I began with the most common insect that i could find and capture - MOSQUITOES. I would gently tap them while they were sitting around so that I didnt squish them, then slowly put them into the pen cap followed by the pen so,when they woke up they could not fly out. I would then take them to school the next day, ask my science teacher for a microscope and go through the different parts. By this I learnt a lot, and later started applying it to other insects too. Every time my science teacher would ask me " so what did you bring today?" [ sometimes out of habit I would answer " chapatis and tomato curry" and she would laugh aloud.]
Thinking about it now makes me wonder, those were the days... but what happened after that?? where did all the "experimenting" go?? The answer lies in the education, the growing up and forgetting the times of fun thanks to the various circumstances that lead me away, and I unknowingly followed...