Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Ode to the Tree

They come in shades of pink violet and blue,
Some are orange, red and yellow too,
Some are short, while some are tall,
They are a sight to behold before their leaves fall,
They don’t comment, they don’t sin,
They just spread their arms and let you in,
For us to eat they provide a fruit,
And to sit and relax they provide a root,
Just because they don’t have expressions doesn’t mean they don’t care,
For us to breathe they purify the air,
They stand and observe for a very long time,
They know a lot of stories including yours and mine,
If there is anything that you have to learn from a tree,
Is to be rooted to the ground and still set yourself free,
This is my way of thanking the trees,
For providing shelter and nectar for the bees,
For without them we would be dead,
Now go save the trees, enough said.