Friday, October 31, 2008

Glory lily or Gloriosa superba

Glory lily or Gloriosa superba exhibits one of the most beautiful flowers and in the best colours too. This flower was photographed at the Orange County Resorts, Kabini. This was the first time i ever saw this flower in complete red colour [ normally it is half red and half yellow]. But it was awesome none the less!!! Unfortunately this flower had a very short lifespan and withered away on the same evening this photograph was taken.

Monday, October 27, 2008

One of my favs !!!

This is one of my favorite birds... the Philippines Eagle. Saw this close up in a National Geographic magazine. The stare itself mesmerized me for a moment before i decided that it should enter into my sketch book. The majestic look and authoritative "stare" in the eyes have gotten me weak in the knees and the first thing i did was to place the magazine on my desk and bow down.... not only with due respect to the " King of the Philippines sky" , but even to the great guy who scaled up the lofty trees to get such a great shot of this magnificent bird. HATS OFF !!!!

There they were... standing under a large and shady tree. My first doe with the fawn during my visit to Kanha National Park few years back. They were looking so cute together that i had to replicate the photograph into a sketch [ though obviously the photo has come out better]. Unfortunately lost the photos during travel back to Bangalore.