Saturday, December 6, 2008

The beauty in a Butterfly's wings

Followed this Crimson Rose for about 10 mins... and just as i thought it was going to settle down on some lantana flowers... and clicked, LO !!! i got something i did not expect to get.... the beautiful hind wings ONLY !

Hmm?? What?? Are you looking at me??

Tiny Bush Frog !!!

Found this fellow jumping up onto the glass door of the cabin... really cute fellow! These frogs are really tiny and have excellent "gripping" capabilities, thus they can virtually cling onto any surface. they are excellent jumpers too !!!

This is what tigers eat for supper

Found this skull neatly placed on a wooden stump during a safari... its a Gaur skull. Gaurs are the largest bovines in whole of Asia weighing upto a ton atleast. The males weigh upto 2 tons. This animal is the favorite prey for Tigers. The skull looked kinda nice on the stump. At that point of time i was wondering how BIG the tiger must be to have eaten SO much meat !!! WOW!!!

...and I caught his eye

Little Guy - Big Leaps !!!

I was walking down the path to the boat jetty when something moved in the grass... thinking that it was another grasshopper i did not pay much attention. Then there was that movement again and this frog came right out form under the bush onto the walking path... this was the SMALLEST ITSY BITSY frog that i had ever seen... it was the size of my THUMB NAIL !!!! for a moment i was hesitant to pick up the little fellow [ i have real big fingers you know ! ] But then i eventually picked it up and then.... the BEST PART - the frog was too TINY for my camera to FOCUS !!! it took me an awful lot of time to coax my camera into focusing the tiny fellow... and this is the best [ the ONLY] photo i got...
After that, i had to let the poor fellow go. and he did GO AND HOW !!! one big leap.... gone !!! nowhere to be found !!! such a little frog ... jumping to the height upto one grown human's thigh upto a foot !!! these creatures are AMAZING!!!

Robberfly - Reflecting thoughts !

Caught this robberfly.... deep in thought. I guess he was reflecting on the things he had done to other insects, or reflecting on what he had TO DO to other insects... he he he !

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Misty Skies and Tranquil Waters

It was a beautiful sight... calm waters below and mist above... rising from the surface at places... and in the midst of all the mist, was this lone tree... standing as if time stood still... giving the whole river a mysterious look [ kind of like one of those scenes form the movie " Lake Placid"]. could not help but to take a photo of the tree...

Beautiful Sunrise @ Kabini

One misty morning, I was on the boat going across to Jungle Lodges and Resorts, prior to a morning boat safari.... lucky for me I had my camera in my pocket. The actual colours were much better than this photo though.